About this blog

Greetings and welcome to The Inner Workings of a CBT Therapist. My name is Alieshia and I am a cognitive behavioural psychotherapist, more commonly known as a CBT therapist. My blog provides you with a glimpse into the mysterious world of what really goes through my head as a therapist.

Before I started my training and indeed when in therapy myself, I often wondered, ‘what does my therapist really think about (fill in the blank) the price of fish, my dress, that fact I was ten minutes late?’ etc. I hope my blog posts are insightful, genuine, and respectful both to my profession, clients and humankind. My hope is to demystify therapy. Of course in my therapeutic work I always aim to be as objective as possible. However, luckily first and foremost I am a human being, just like anyone else with my own thoughts, feelings and life experiences –  which for better or worse influence every part of me, and whether I intend them to or not, my therapeutic practice. I would also like to promote cognitive behavioural therapy as the empathic therapy it is, and should be when delivered properly. I aim to practice what I preach and share how I use CBT in my own daily life.  I am also interested in attempting to answer any questions anyone reading this is kind enough to pose, to try and let you know what really does go on inside this particular CBT therapist’s head. It is important to state that posts in this blog will never discuss or disclose anything in relation to my individual or group clients. Please note, I am unable to provide support for those in distress through the medium of this blog. Welcome, and thank you for reading.


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