Monthly Archives: October 2017

Pollyanna Weekend

We were due to go away for a weekend break this weekend, just the two of us. Due to unforseen circumstances we weren’t able to go. Instead of getting down about it my husband said we were going to make the best of the situation.

So in the circumstances we had we decided to do some enjoyable things we wouldn’t usually be able to do. On Saturday a dear friend had our daughter for the night and so we got the opportunity to just be us and go out on and date night as husband and wife rather than Mummy and Daddy. I cannot remember the last time we did this. We also bumped into a friend whilst out which was really lovely. Today we went for a really yummy roast dinner and met a couple we really clicked with an enjoyed some great conversation. Later on we got to spend some really nice quality time with our daughter which we wouldn’t have had if we’d gone away for the weekend without her. We feel we got the best of both worlds; some well deserved husband and wife quality respite time and some quality family time. Also if we had gone away we would have probably spent a lot more money than we did just having two nice meals out. We flipped what could have been a negative situation on its head and made the best of the situation and have really enjoyed ourselves. As an added bonus we sold our holiday for a hugely reduced price to a lovely family who are having a fantastic time so it’s a win win situation. By making the best of not going away it has reminded me of the story Dr David Burns (one of my CBT idols)  tells in his book The Feeling Good Handbook about a couple who’s luggage got lost when they arrived at their holiday destination. Rather than focusing on how awful it was they turned it into a game of seeing how they could cope having so little. So just like Pollyanna who’s mindset is to always look on the brightside, we successfully enjoyed our Pollyanna Weekend. 

Daily or Weekly CBT insights. What do you think? 

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged. I’ve really been missing it. I am thinking of doing a series of regular blog posts sharing how I am using CBT in my own life each day. I’m hoping this will serve as a reminder to those who have already received some form of CBT or introduce new people to the benefits of cognitive behavioural therapy.  Being a Mummy to a 10 month old baby means that committing to blogging every day probably isn’t realistic, as much as I’d like to. I might manage a daily insightful tweet but even that can be a chore with a baby.  Instead I was thinking of doing a weekly blog post sharing in which ways CBT has enhanced my wellbeing for each preceding week. I’d be really grateful for any feedback or suggestions anybody has about this idea. I’m really looking forward to connecting with my followers and a wider audience again.